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Be Careful of Those Who Normally Say I’m Sorry; They’re Evil – Ajagurajah

Cape Coast, 5th July, 2021, Odeefuɔ Kwabena Asiamah has posited that, people who normally use the words ‘I’m sorry’ are evil orientated individuals.

Popularly known as Ajagurajah of the Ajagurajah Movement fame in Ghana, clarified that it is not the rendering of an apology for a genuine error is what he hates but normally people who use the refrain I’m sorry are not good people and people must be careful with such ones.

In his view, why would someone deliberately do evil against you and say “I’m sorry”, that to him smacks of hypocrisy and very unacceptable in his estimation.

He averred that, why is that in today’s day and age people would continue to trust others. “If anyone tells you I’m sorry, that person is a bad person and you need not trust same person again. People who normally like using the phrase ‘I’m sorry’ are bad people” he stated.

In explaining the above, he intimated “Why would you do me evil and turn round to say I’m Sorry? Why would you lie against me and make me suffer before saying I’m sorry? Why would you malign me to friends before saying I’m sorry? Why would you let me lose my marriage or be humiliated by my husband or ridiculed by him before saying I’m sorry?

“Anybody who likes saying sorry is a bad person, I’m the one saying so emphatically”.

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