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The Only Way To Compare Nkrumah’s Record Is To Compare Him With Moses In Exodus -Eric Jerry Aidoo aka Chairman Jerry

His Excellency Ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor who ruled this country from 2001 to 2008 has made unpopular comments regarding the founder of the State of Ghana, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, in which he attributes Nkrumah’s Government for lack of vision and planning the economy which he took over from the British Colonial rule in 1957.

In the statement of Kufuor, as reported by the press, he specifically mentioned that Ghana’s reserve was depleted as a result of the monumental projects such as factories which Nkrumah built all over the country. My view is that a person like Kufuor who has lived through these times should have known, maybe because he was very young, that these were investment projects which had both medium and long term impact on the economy.

The economy was going to improve since there had been a good foundation of planning in the Five Year Development Plan. The Consolidated Plan was also to bridge the gap that has been left as a result of the reckless marginalization created by the British masters of the Danquah-Busia tradition. However, it will be prudent that Kufuor refers to the Seven Year Development Plan which was a master plan to propel us into a first-world economy with massive development infrastructure and a buoyant manufacturing sector highly dependent on a diversified agriculture sector.

In the Seven Year, Development Plan was the policy to attract foreign investment as the private sector of our industrial development can play an important role in the economy. Among these were to be the production of consumer goods, local processing of Ghanaian raw materials, and the utilization of Ghana’s natural resources in those lines of industries where a large volume of investment was required. The Nkrumah Government saw foreign investment in the spirit of partnership and not as a neocolonial relation to taking uneven advantage of our domestic resources.

I don’t think any effort by leading elements in the NPP to denigrate the legacy of the CPP Government will ever succeed. It is important to state that elements like Kufuor benefited from the CIA sponsored coup which ousted the CPP Government when he found his way to serve in the Busia Government, a regime that was well noted for selling state-owned enterprises and running them down to the grave.

Former President Kuffour sold Ghana Telecom to resolve periodic expenditure. When Nkrumah commenced the Akosombo Hydroelectric project, Accra was on a generator, his literary antagonists didn’t think Ghana needed such a huge project. Today, we all know what he saw that his opponents couldn’t see.
Today, the NPP Government lead by President Nana Addo has borrowed more than all the governments before he cumulatively borrowed raising our debt to over 300 Billion. What palpable development demonstrates he has borrowed that much? Where is the money?

Let it be known to the ex-President that his Government was saddled with the worst forms of corruption ever in the history of the Republic and it is important to remind him of the many prime lands in Ridge, Cantonment and parts of Accra that were sold to private elite individuals in his Government without respect to the laws of the country.

Ghanaians need to realize that the continued failure of the Akufo-Addo Government creates a condition where Ghanaians will no longer recognise the NPP as a credible political party to be given another mandate to rule this country. Either an organised progressive group of Ghanaian youth take the mantle to create the necessary condition to build a credible alternative or we forget about the western democracy style of duopoly where the CPP leadership now even fail to respond to Kufuor.

Eric Jerry Aidoo
Greater Accra Youth Organiser(CPP)

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